What Is A Seedbox and Why To Use One

What Is A Seedbox and Why To Use One


Whats Is A Seedbox

A seedbox is a high speed server strictly used for uploading and downloading torrents. With a seedbox you can download torrents much faster than most home internet connections and have the privacy you don’t get with using traditional torrent clients like uTorrent on the desktop with public trakers such as Kickass or The Pirate Bay. With many private trackers a seedbox is almost a necessity to ensure you are uploading as much as you are downloading and maintain a good ratio. Seedboxes are also a great option at work, schools where downloading on P2P is either blocked or can get you in trouble.


Why To Use A Seedbox: The Benefits Of A Seedbox:


1.Safety and Privacy

On a seedbox your activity is hosted remotely and you don’t even need to have a bittorrent client such as uTorrent on your computer. This is a huge privacy benefit and prevents threatening letters from your ISP or lawyers telling you to stop downloading torrents. When you download your files from your seedbox it’s encrypted and the only thing that your IP can see is a lot of bandwidth being consumed and not what is being downloaded. If you want to download torrents anonymously then a seedbox is for you. Most seedbox providers even offer OpenVPN support for free VPN through your seedbox.

2. Seed and Download 24/7

Since your computer doesn’t need to be on for you to seed/download, you can do this 24/7 from anywhere! Another benefit is you won’t hog your home bandwidth and slow down the internet for everyone else so gaming and watching online videos will be lag free while torrenting.

3. High Speed Uploads and Downloads

Most seedboxes are connected to 1Gbps lines or faster. Unless you have Google Fiber this will definitely be much faster than your home connection. A 1Gb line is capable at downloading at a max of 125MB/S. In theory a 1,000MB file would just take 8 seconds to download. You’ll be able to download and seed at crazy fast speeds.

Speed Examples

4. Uploading / Ratio

Most seedbox providers don’t allow public trackers . (A public trackers is a torrent tracker community that does not require a membership that anyone can use such as The PirateBay and Kickass Torrents). This is due to the fact that public torrents are often well monitored by privacy companies paid to give out fines to downloaders of their content, and the amount of bandwidth public torrents would consume on a seedbox is tremendous. If your seedbox provider allows public torrents, it will only be to download files and once completed the file will not seed.

On the other hand, a private tracker community is usually an invite only community where you will need an invite from a user or go through an intense process to show that you can seed as much as you download. These private tracker communities will require you to main usually a minimum 1:1 ratio of downloads to uploads or you risk being banned from the community. This is to ensure you don’t just download torrents and delete them, but you seed them so other users can download as well. This is where a seedbox becomes an easy necessity to maintain a good ratio.


A great forum where you can find invites is http://www.torrent-invites.com/

Where To Get A Seedbox

Dediseedbox.com – My personal favorite. They offer seedboxes in The US, Canada, Netherlands, and France. Most people’s biggest complaint in the US is their download speeds when downloading via FTP from their seedbox is slow with most European seedbox providers. At my home in the US I have 175MB internet and I can download through Filezilla FTP on my Canadian seedbox anywhere from 6MiB/S – 20MiB/S. I recommend the Canadian server as you can download the occasional public track if you need to without any problem. If you are in the US or Canada I highly recommened using Dediseedbox.com as I have always experienced routing issues when using European seedboxes from the US resulting in slow FTP speeds of usually under 500KB/S. Their plans are very reasonable starting at $15/MO for the Canadian Seedbox (OVH) with 800GB of Space and Unlimited bandwidth on a 1Gbps line. They also support OpenVPN which is an added bonus.

Here is a screenshot of my speeds from the US when downloading through Filzilla FTP on my Canadian Seedbox from Dediseedbox.com


Downloading Directly Through Chrome:

Chrome download speed dediseedbox canada


Speedtest Using OpenVPN through my Seedbox (My home internet is 175 Down / 11 Up:

Any questions feel free to ask in the comments below!


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