How To Maintain A Good Ratio On Your Seedbox

How To Maintain A Good Ratio On Your Seedbox

A seedbox ratio is your ratio of how much you upload compared vs how much you download. Most private trackers require your ratio to be 1/1 minimum or seed for x amount of days. This means you can’t just download files and delete them, you need to seed them so others can download them too.  If you don’t maintain your ratio on a private tracker you can expect to be banned. Next I will talk about what is the best way to increase your seedbox ratio.

Hosting Smaller Files on Your Seedbox

One of the easiest ways to improve your ratio is by starting out primarily with smaller files.
By starting off with smaller files, you increase the chance that someone will download the torrent files from you rather than someone else.
For example, a smaller 700MB version of a movie is more appealing to downloaders than a 25GB Blu-Ray movie.
Plus, when you use seedbox hosting for your files, others will be able to download files from you in no time and you can keep them on your server long because they don’t use as much space.

New Releases Are Always Better in the Beginning

The easiest way to increase your sharing ratio quickly is by focusing on new releases and torrent that have been posted to your private tracker community recently within the last few hours. Newly released torrent listings always have more leechers than seeders. Your seedbox provides two benefits in this situation. First, it will allow you to quickly download the newly released torrent automatically via RSS once you have configured it properly. Second, the faster you download it, the faster you can become a seeder and start sharing it to increase your ratio.

Focus On High L(eech) Torrents

Along with focusing on newly released torrents, you should also look for high L torrents.
High L torrents are those which have a high number of leechers.
Even if there are a large number of seeders, you will still be able to quickly improve your ratio.
Using a high quality seedbox is incredibly important when competing with others who are sharing the same files.
This is because the faster you can deliver the files; the more likely others will want to leach from you instead of someone else.

Maintain the Files in Your Seedbox

A common mistake which can hurt your ratio is leaving files on your seedbox that no one is downloading.
Simply making torrent files available isn’t enough. You need to be sharing files other people actually want.
Additionally, once you complete a download it is important to always leave it running as a seed to improve your upload statistics.
Never delete or move files which are actively being downloaded.

Always Use the Best Seedbox Host

The hosting of seedboxes isn’t something every service does well. There are only a handful of quality providers available.
Using a quality provider is essential because it ensures your dedicated server will always be online.
It also ensures your files are uploaded and downloaded as quickly as possible which is essential to maintaining positive ratios.

Take Advantage of Freeleech Downloads

The final way to maintain a good ratio on private BitTorrent sites is by taking advantage of freeleech downloads.
Free torrents don’t count against your download statistics. This means you can download them without adversely affecting your ratio.
This is always a helpful tip, but it is especially important when you are first starting out because a few downloads can quickly throw off your ratio.

A seedbox is an incredibly powerful tool which should be considered essential if you are joining a private BitTorrent site.
The additional resources it provides will make it much easier to maintain a positive ratio and remain in good standing within the private BitTorrent site.

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